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Kiev Weight Plant

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Kiev Weight Plant is a developer and manufacturer of weighing systems with more than 10 years of experience. Automotive, rail, bunker and other industrial weighing solutions are constantly being improved.

Thanks to its own production, design department and quality control service, the company provides a full range of services, from project design to commissioning and state verification.

Farms, factories, holdings - we offer reliable and accurate solutions at an affordable price.

Scales from the Kiev weight factory are a guarantee of quality and accuracy for many years, they will save your time, money and become a reliable assistant in the development of your company.

Truck scales

Railway scales

Bunker scales

Platform scales

Quality and precision are our profession


Own production, qualified designers, as well as full-time installation teams - you will work only with professionals.


We use only high-quality steel and proven components. Our designs are durable and technologically advanced. We give up to 10 years warranty.


Each project is developed according to the needs of your company. No matter how non-standard your tasks may be, our engineers will find a solution.

We are recommended

10 years on the market, more than 2500 successfully completed projects speak for themselves. We work to be recommended.

Fair price

The price from the manufacturer, transparently formed, without intermediaries and dealer margins.


The procedure is simple and straightforward: coordination, production, installation. Our scales easily pass state verification.

Permissions documents


type verification




Building license,
list of types
of work


Qualification certificate
of certain
types of work


Explosion Examination


of compliance with IWT carriage scales


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Our projects

Kievskij rechnoj port,
Kiev region, Kiev
GERMES VTA 18m 80t

LLC Lvovskie svinki,
Lvovskaya region, Devyatniki

ALC Neoalyans,
Kirovogradskaya region, Novgorodka
GERMES VTA-20m-80t

LLC Vozrozhdenie,
Kirovogradskaya region, Chervonyj Yar

LLC Pole,
Cherkaskaya region, Cherkassy

LLC Velikosorochinskoe,
Poltavskaya region, Velikie Sorochincy

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Answers on questions

How to choose a reliable manufacturer of scales?

When choosing a reliable manufacturer of automobile, wagon, bunker, platform and other scales, you need to pay attention to the company's experience, how much it has on the market. This is very important in order to be sure that your project will be completed and you will be able to receive high-quality warranty and post-warranty service.
Check feedback on completed projects. Text reviews are often written by the companies themselves, video reviews and reviews on the forms of Customers will be more reliable.
You must make sure that you have all the permits, as well as a certificate of making the weights in the state register of Ukraine, otherwise the verification will become impossible.
It is better to choose the scales from the manufacturer, as dealers and intermediaries increase the cost of production.
A manufacturer of weighing equipment is preferable, having its own production and design department, and this is an honest guarantee of quality and understanding of their business.

Is it possible to carry out an individual (non-standard) project?

An individual project is a frequent request and does not cause difficulties if you contacted the manufacturer specifically.
The design department of the Kiev Weight Plant will take into development a project of any complexity and prepare the terms of reference for its implementation within the agreed time frame. Due to the availability of our own production and relevant permits, a designer certificate, a certificate of compliance - guarantees you quality and legality, the use of an individual project for commercial purposes.  Therefore, installation and commissioning will take place without difficulties and delays, and most importantly completely legal.

Why are we better than competitors?

The answer is simple, many years of experience, for more than 10 years, the Kiev Weight Plant has been producing automobile, railroad, bunker, platform scales. We know the intricacies of production and installation.
 More than 2500 completed projects are the pride of our factory. You can familiarize yourself with the completed projects, with the tasks that were set before us and their solution, get feedback from companies that use our scales.
We have all the necessary documentation. We provide a complete turnkey production cycle.
The ability and knowledge in the implementation of individual designs of scales to solve the problems of our client do not put us in the frame.
The price from the manufacturer, the cost of scales without dealer margins.

How to get an honest guarantee on the scale?

An honest guarantee is a guarantee from the manufacturer of the scales, it is provided directly without intermediaries only by manufacturers.
You can get an honest guarantee on weighing equipment directly at the manufacturer of automobile, wagon, bunker, and platform scales. When you buy scales from the manufacturer, you get guaranteed quality, which is confirmed by certificates of conformity, design for strain gauges and devices, for construction and installation works.

How to control the quality of manufactured scales?

The quality of the finished product is primarily determined by compliance with the manufacturing process at each stage of production.
An important role in the production of metal construction of scales is played by the choice of materials. The metal must be new, not used, from a trusted supplier and comply with GOST. Used metal is not difficult to identify by corrosion.
The quality of the weld determines the reliability of the connection of various elements of the metal structure and, as a consequence, the life of the product, it is necessary to make sure that all welds are made qualitatively.
The assembly of the weighing platform should be carried out on specially equipped tables / degrees, which allow reliable fixation of parts and assembly units to comply with the permissible errors during welding. Each assembly unit (metal construction) must pass the output control of geometric, intended purpose and strength parameters. In cases of manufacturing a new (not serial) design, a complete control assembly is performed. When accepting, it is necessary to check the geometric parameters.
The final step on the way to a finished high-quality product is painting, it must pass:
- Degreasing (a new metal rolling is delivered with the presence of oil on the surface, and in the absence of degreasing, the paint will "peel off" the metal in a few months);
-Primer with modifier, rust converter;
-Painting with GOST enamel, at least two layers.
You must make sure that the enamel is applied with high quality, and there are no unpainted details.
The accuracy of the readings is confirmed by the state metrological calibration, if there are no difficulties with calibrating the scales, then all the parameters of the scales are normal.

How to save on buying weights?

You can save on organizational costs, namely: to independently deliver equipment and structures, provide equipment for assembling the scales (crane), provide conditions for food and accommodation of the construction and installation team of the plant. You can also order installation supervision - this is installation on your own under the guidance of our specialist.
If you use the scales for non-commercial purposes, then you can exclude the passage of state verification using the standard.

IMPORTANT! We strongly do not recommend saving on metal structures and equipment. Since ordering weighing equipment from one-day companies, you run the risk of incurring costs that you cannot recoup. Having received a guarantee that will remain only in words.

More than 2,500 successfully completed projects all over Ukraine

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